Ethereal Communication

The next experiment is about showing how we are all interconnected.  We don’t need phones or email to communicate with one another.  We can just send them our thoughts.  The experiment was to send someone we don’t ordinarily see a message and wait for a clear response within 48 hours.

I sent a message to an Ex across the country about forgiveness and reconcilliation.  I received an immediate response in my head.  No, it wasn’t just what I wanted to hear.  In fact, I kinda didn’t.  The message was, “I forgave you a long time ago and moved on.  It’s time for you to do the same.”  Ummmm, okay then.  Next?

Realizing now the impact of thoughts on others via this experiment and the plant one, I was convicted of messages I’ve been posting about Jodi Arias on Facebook forums, I tried sending her a message asking for forgiveness.  Something very interesting happened, though.  I started to receive something back but was intercepted by the message, “Block it!”   and then, “There is some energy you don’t want coming into you.  This is one such case so quickly block the messages and put a shield of defense around out.” So I did so.  That was very interesting indeed.  

I’ll wait around till tomorrow night to see if there is an external response, but I really believe that I heard what I needed to hear.

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Good plant / Bad plant Experiment

This experiment in the E-Squared book is about our affect on Matter.  The actual experiment was to plant bean seeds in an empty egg carton and then give one side positive messages and the other side negative messages.  That was a bit too time intensive and costly, though, so I’ve done a variation.  I bought two pansy plants for 99 cents each.  I put a label of Bad Plant on one and Good plant on the other.  I also put a happy face on the good plant and a sad face on the bad plant.  There’s something about putting an actual label on the plant pots that drives the point home and illustrates how we may feel with a label plastered on us.

I then took the plants outside and placed the on the deck rail.  I spoke nice to the good plant and mean to the bad plant.  I must admit, I feel really guilty being mean to the bad plant.  Poor lil plant didn’t do anything to deserve this.

I’ll be doing this for 7 days.  I’ll also be taking pics to show you results.  Already, in one afternoon, the good plant is looking a little healthier, and the bad plant is looking a little sicker.  I hope the pics will tell the stories.

My partner and the check-out guy at the grocery store thought I was a bit nuts.  We’ll see what story the pics tell.

Experiment updates are in the comments.

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God talks to us if we will just listen.  I’ve been getting much better about this recently.  The next experiment in the book is to ask God a Yes or No question and expect a clear answer within 48 hours.

So the question is:  Am I on the right track in terms of pursuing a healing ministry?

It was mentioned in this chapter that some asked for specific signs so I am going to do the same.  If the answer is YES, than i want this rash on my right side totally cleared up by the end of the 48 hours or sooner.

Experiment updates are in the comments.

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Food Blessings & Weight loss

Okay, this next experiment has to do with how our thoughts effect matter around us.  The experiment is to do nothing but pray and send good vibes to the food we eat.  After three days I’ll check to see how much weight I lost without dieting or anything.  Main thing is to keep messages to food and body POSITIVE!

Experiment updates are in the comments.

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Unusual Art

I’m taking a moment outside of my experiments to share this with you.  A man used his limitations to create art that’s outside of the box.  Check out this inspiring video of his story and art.  It’s pretty short.  Only 5 or 10 minutes.

I share this with you because it’s an excellent illustration of what I’m learning from what I’m reading.  Just as the only thing that keeps us from manifesting what we want is our limited thinking, so it is with this guy that thought for a bit that he couldn’t do art because of his hand.  When he started to reframe what art was and how it’s created, he produced some amazing pieces.  So too, if we can reframe how we think, we can manifest our desires.


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Fourth Experiment – The black Retro fatkini

flack fatkiniI know.  I skipped three.  I have to gather the materials for that one, so I’ll come back to it.  Experiment four is basically to put a request out there to the Field of Potentiality and receive it in 48 hours, so here goes.

Today’s date is Saturday, May 25th.  By Monday, May 27th, I will have this black fatkini, (size 18W).  Her figure to go along with it would be an added bonus.  🙂


Experiment updates are in the comments.

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Second Experiment

2008 SEMA Toyota Yaris TailbackThe second experiment in the E-Squared book was to examine what we’re aware of and what we draw to us.  In the first 24 hours, I was too look for a certain color car.  I looked for green cars and found a few.  I did notice that I was actively looking and surprised with delight when I recognized the green cars.  I noted around 7 and probably could have found more if I weren’t distracted, but was delighted with the ones I noticed.  I felt the joy of a child finding Easter eggs.

Tomorrow I need to find purple feathers or butterflies.  I’ll let you know how that goes.

Experiment updates are in the comments.

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