Seeing Energy and Auras

energy healing auraBy the end of May 22nd, 2013, Ashley started seeing in her mind’s eye the field of energy and auras.  As time went on, she was able to see this energy for periods of time as if a special filter in a photo or movie.   She was then able to reach into this field of energy and use what was needed in order to heal others and manifest what she needed in life.

Experiment updates are in the comments.

About metaminder

A few years ago, I graduated with a Masters degree in Spiritual Nurture from an accredited graduate school. However, I found myself disagreeing with much of the traditional Christian doctrine that I had learned. So I packed up my faith and put it away to examine another day. Recently, I've found myself reconnecting to spirit and discovering alternative practices that guide my life in a positive direction and help me function more fully. I'd like to share my journey of growth and renewal with you as I explore these practices in hopes that you may find them helpful as well. Let me add that I have tried and was even trained in traditional western psychotherapy. While it has it's benefits, it was not enough for me. I found that as a client, talking about the same issues week after week kept me stuck in those issues. When I was being trained, I longed to offer something more to a client than merely handing them the preverbial tissue every so often. I longed to offer touch or teach them coping skills. It hasn't been until the last couple of years where I have learned new techniques such as Reiki, hypnosis, EFT and others. These are techniques that have been of help to me. This is my journey with alternative methods of self-nurture and growth. Your mileage may vary. I invite you to take responsibility for your own well being as you read this blog.
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1 Response to Seeing Energy and Auras

  1. metaminder says:

    Well it didn’t happen quite this way. While doing a distance healing, I had a vision and interpretation about the healing. There was no aura for this person, that I could see because she was covered in black gunk like tar. Reckon there was so much spiritual debris that it blocked the aura. In the healing I did my best to clean off as much as I could. The black gunk was getting into the veins of her legs. This was the beginning of atrophy because is not using them. The insight I had was that if she doesn’t start exercising them or using the circulation pumps for her legs, she may totally lose the use of her legs within a few years. I could do a healing session, or even multiple healing sessions with her, but the sense I got was that unless she plays an active role in her care regarding this, the problem will just keep coming back. That is the short version.

    I’d like to write a different outcome for her. Wish I could. However, we all have free will. If I continued to do sessions with her, would it help or aid her complacency about her situation? I get a sense that it’s the latter. While I can continue to do sessions, unless she takes action, it will only be maintenance to hold back what will come. Thus begins the lesson of when to proceed and when to let go.

    I had the sense after making this request, that it wouldn’t be easy to bear. It’s like a be careful what I wish for because I may not like what I see, as in the case above. My inner sight may be overwhelming at times and it will take time to learn to manage it and use it with discernment.

    I feel strongly called to heal, though. Or rather, to be used as a conduit for healing. I recognize that I only open myself up for God to work through me to heal others. It’s also a partnership with the person being healed. The door is opened. The healing power is there. I reckon it’s the divine in the one being healed to restore their body. It’s a temporary union to facilitate healing. Sometimes it may not turn out as I’d like or expect, but it’s not mine to call.

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