More revelations from Iyanla Vanzant

It is interesting how when we don’t listen to that intuitive voice inside ourselves that it will find someone who we WILL listen to.  Then we say, “oooOOOoooo…Why didn’t my gut tell me that before?”  And the gut just shakes its head and rolls its eyes, saying, “I did…many times.”

I wrote you earlier on what I got from Iyanla’s radio show.  This evening I watched her new show, Iyanla Vanzant: Fix My Life” on Oprah’s network.  She was coaching Evelyn Lozada regarding her relationship with Chad, the Miami Dolphins player.

Quotes that struck me were:

Your intuition is your power as a woman.

I accepted and tolerated inappropriate behavior from a man.

You train people how to treat you. 

Vote for you!

Revelations came up for me when she discussed how issues with Evelyn’s father were brought into the marriage.  Tis very hard stuff.

I’m very grateful to Evelyn for opening up to Iyanla and doing the work in front of a vast audience.  Her vulnerability in doing this took a lot of courage.  Because of her strength, I was faced with some tough issues in my life and am finding the wherewithall to deal with them.

Thank you to both Iyanla and Evelyn for doing this amazing show.  One thing I really like about Iyanla, albeit a tad intimidating, is that she doesn’t hold anything back.  She just gives it to you straight.  It’s hard to hear, but o so necessary and healing when it’s faced.

About metaminder

A few years ago, I graduated with a Masters degree in Spiritual Nurture from an accredited graduate school. However, I found myself disagreeing with much of the traditional Christian doctrine that I had learned. So I packed up my faith and put it away to examine another day. Recently, I've found myself reconnecting to spirit and discovering alternative practices that guide my life in a positive direction and help me function more fully. I'd like to share my journey of growth and renewal with you as I explore these practices in hopes that you may find them helpful as well. Let me add that I have tried and was even trained in traditional western psychotherapy. While it has it's benefits, it was not enough for me. I found that as a client, talking about the same issues week after week kept me stuck in those issues. When I was being trained, I longed to offer something more to a client than merely handing them the preverbial tissue every so often. I longed to offer touch or teach them coping skills. It hasn't been until the last couple of years where I have learned new techniques such as Reiki, hypnosis, EFT and others. These are techniques that have been of help to me. This is my journey with alternative methods of self-nurture and growth. Your mileage may vary. I invite you to take responsibility for your own well being as you read this blog.
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