Treasure Room

You may know that Brad Yates is an EFT tapper extraordinaire. But did you also know that he is an extremely gifted hypnotist who is able to guide your imagination on fantastic adventures that clear the crap, draw abundance in all its forms and leave you feeling rejuvenated? While researching EFT Tapping, I came across Brad Yate’s Youtube videos. From there, I found his Magnificent Tappers Club and discovered a treasure trove of guided imageries.

I feel like a kid who went exploring and found a treasure room filled with large piles of gold and precious gems.  I dove in and buried myself in the treasure, grasping at the gems to see how much I could hold and then letting them slip through my fingers. When tired of playing in my new found wealth, I lay on a treasure pile with a jeweled crown tilted atop my head, leisurely examining each gem with wonder and excitement as I took in the value of each one.

See, I have a vivid imagination too and that is why these guided imageries speak to me so much.  Over the next few entries, I will sneak you into this treasure room and show you gems that are precious to me and how I am using them to adorn my psyche, as it were.

Of course, you can go to this treasure room anytime you want. Simply click on Magnificent Tappers Club and for only $1, you can explore this treasure room to your hearts content, finding jewels that are precious to you.  Once you have joined, click the bottom tab on the right called, Guided Imageries.

For now, though, join me as I give you a tour of what I have found thus far in this treasure room.  It is my hope that you may glean the value of what I have discovered for yourself and/or find treasures of your own.

About metaminder

A few years ago, I graduated with a Masters degree in Spiritual Nurture from an accredited graduate school. However, I found myself disagreeing with much of the traditional Christian doctrine that I had learned. So I packed up my faith and put it away to examine another day. Recently, I've found myself reconnecting to spirit and discovering alternative practices that guide my life in a positive direction and help me function more fully. I'd like to share my journey of growth and renewal with you as I explore these practices in hopes that you may find them helpful as well. Let me add that I have tried and was even trained in traditional western psychotherapy. While it has it's benefits, it was not enough for me. I found that as a client, talking about the same issues week after week kept me stuck in those issues. When I was being trained, I longed to offer something more to a client than merely handing them the preverbial tissue every so often. I longed to offer touch or teach them coping skills. It hasn't been until the last couple of years where I have learned new techniques such as Reiki, hypnosis, EFT and others. These are techniques that have been of help to me. This is my journey with alternative methods of self-nurture and growth. Your mileage may vary. I invite you to take responsibility for your own well being as you read this blog.
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